WAU Bike review

Two-minute review

The WAU Bike is all about the tech. A smart display empowers you with all the info you’ll need during your ride – from current range, speed and motor output to arising servicing updates. The unique smart lights include rear red running lights, clear amber indicators and bright red brake lights. These help you stand out on the road and look epic at night. Plus, the security features – from an alarm system to GPS tracking – make this bike pretty tough to steal (and get away with it).

Then there’s the power. This electric bike is good for taking off in traffic. There are eight gears operated by a Shimano S-HG41-8 derailleur, five pedal assist modes depending on how much extra oomph you want, and the acceleration throttle on the handle bar can zip you away smoothly up to 15-20mph when the roads are clearer.

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