Evolution is key to Resident Evil’s continuing success

No horror game franchise has had the longevity or success of Resident Evil. Many have tried and failed to come for the king of survival horror but have fallen short, the bloody bodies left by the ruthless killer that is an ever-changing horror game landscape akin to a horror movie of its own.

Five Nights at Freddy’s never got out of the starting gate, it welcomed the killer in with open arms and warm cocoa, only to be slain first. Fatal Frame gave the executioner a run for his money, before tripping up in the final act. While Silent Hill and Dead Space were the heroes we rooted for but ultimately watched bleed out seconds from the escape hatch – they appeared dead but – like any great horror villain – look like they’ll make a return later on. Resident Evil, on the other hand, escapes the killer’s clutches, and does so again and again – the Laurie Strode of survival horror games.

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