Godfall’s epic fantasy score and the potential of PS5’s 3D audio

Godfall’s world of Aperion is a new one – and one that hasn’t been explored yet. Being a new IP, this gave the game’s composer, Ben MacDougall, plenty of room to experiment with. He tells TechRadar that his training as a flute player really shined through in the game’s soundtrack, with the instrument giving the game a more melodic influence. Aperion has no existing associations, so MacDougall took inspiration from the world itself, and discussed both the characters and story of how the world came to be with director Keith Lee.

Sonically, MacDougall utilized a large orchestral sound for an expansive soundtrack, as an epic tale requires an epic score. An orchestra is capable of creating both sonic mayhem and beauty equally. He had been playing in symphony orchestras for many years, so writing one felt natural to him, saying, “When you combine that more traditional writing-style with my fascination for making instruments and warping them into new sonic forms, you suddenly have something that feels new, but also grounded.”

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