Snakebyte Multi:Playcon controller review

Known for its gaming accessories and peripherals, Germany company Snakebyte has moved into the ‘Joy-Con’ market, releasing the Multi:Playcon controllers for the Nintendo Switch. 

These unofficial Switch controllers are aimed squarely at those wanting more controllers for multiplayer games, but for much a much lower cost than Nintendo’s official Joy-Con controllers. However, you get what you pay for, and the Playcon controllers don’t hold a candle to the Nintendo Switch’s originals.

Price and release date

  • What is it? Snakebyte’s cheaper take on the Joy-Con controller
  • When did it come out? January 2020
  • How much is it? £39.99 / €39.99  (roughly $43 or AU$65) 


Snakebyte Multi:Playcon controller

(Image credit: TechRadar)

On opening, the box doesn’t contain much. Two Playcon controllers, a Micro-USB type B and some instruction manuals. Multi:Playcon will cost you £39.99 (roughly $43 or AU$65) which isn’t that much compared to Nintendo’s official offering, which will set you back £69.99 ($79.99 or AU$109).

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