Best laptop for writers in 2021: the 10 best laptops for authors and journalists

Picking a device as the best laptop for writers might seem strange. But, writers have specific needs for their main device, just like video editors, 3D designers, and photographers. And, those needs go beyond a functional keyboard and a word processor.

For instance, a working keyboard is not enough when you’re typing away for hours at a time. It needs to be comfortable to the touch, accurate, very dependable, and have tactile feedback and a satisfying bounce. If you plan on typing for long hours without experiencing fatigue, you’ll probably need one of the best keyboards on a laptop. Along with an excellent keyboard, you also need a fantastic monitor that won’t hurt your eyes after long writing sessions and can be used outdoors. Additionally, you will probably want something that’s slim and portable, so that you can explore your ideas no matter where you are.

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