Best Windows 10 Pro laptops 2020: top notebooks for productivity

KUU Xbook laptop – $259.99 from Newegg
(roughly £200/AU$360)
The KUU Xbook hits the all important 8GB RAM threshold – and does so at an impressively affordable price. Its processor isn’t the most powerful around, but the inclusion of an SSD and Windows 10 Pro make this an excellent bargain.View Deal

If you’re after the best Windows 10 Pro laptops you can buy in 2020, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide you’ll find the best Windows 10 Pro laptops that come with Microsoft’s powerful version of Windows 10 pre-installed, giving you more tools, and greater control, of your Windows laptop.

While Windows 10 Home – which many of the best laptops run – is fine for regular use, power users, and people who use their laptops for business, will want to run Windows 10 Pro, which offers more advanced features and better control over how your laptop runs.

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