iPhone 12 vs. Pixel 5 camera comparison – Video

This is the iPhone 12 and this is the Google Pixel five.
And I have both of these phones for one reason.
To do a camera comparison.
Let’s take some pictures and video.
Okay, first up, let’s take a look at the natural bouquet on each of the phones lenses.
So this is not portrait mode.
This is just the actual lenses, natural blurry effect in the background.
So this first picture here is the pixel five.
And it’s just a little like stem that didn’t get trimmed like all the other ones kind of rising above all the other leaves looking down upon them and look at like the way the pixel five does the globe lights in the back here.
Now let’s take a look at the iPhone.
First off, much different exposure.
Secondly the colors are much more vibrant, to be honest the color.
Is actually probably closer to this than it was the pixel five.
So the way the iPhone 12 it’s it’s kind of natural bouquets a little crunchy, nothing wrong with that.
The bouquet on the pixel five is a little smoother kind of like it’s just got like one wash across it.
Let’s take a look let’s zoom in here on that leaf and I think that the pixel five did a better job in the on the focus on the leaf.
It looks like either I was hand holding this so it could be my fault probably is my fault right?
Not the phone but the even though I tapped on the leaf on the screen perhaps it was just a hair off.
Looks just a tad soft on the iPhone.
Or the next photo I wanna show you is of a brick building.
It’s a very pretty brick building.
Near where I’m staying And what’s nice about it is it has a lot of things going for it.
We got the sky We got the texture of the bricks.
We also have the dynamic range of talk about so this is the iPhone 12 version of it.
And here is the pixel five version sorry that they’re not perfectly framed And stuff.
Again, you can see that the iPhone one before even zoom in, it just has a little more oomph to the dynamic range.
Also like the colors are just a little more the pixel five has a little vignetting going on in the corners here, especially the sky.
Where’s the iPhones not seeing it as much, maybe a little on the right side there.
Let’s go side by side on these, the iPhones.
Sometimes this guy gets like partially blue treatment sometimes it gets like a graduated blue.
And then there’s the pixel five which I think tends to be the blues tend to yield a little more toward almost purple and that this photo necessarily but Interesting there.
Also the Pixel of this photo, I think, does a better job with some of the shadows.
Let’s zoom in and take a look at what I mean.
You can see that the iPhone is a little more contrasty, the shadows are darker.
Though the Pixel on the left here, let me just bring those back up for you, the shadows are brighter.
You can see a little more of what’s going on in the Though that being said, it looks a little soft as well.
All right, let’s take a look at the bottom here.
And for the entryway, obviously the pixel here is exposing that.
You can actually even see the brick texture on the right Right sidewall here that you really can’t make out on the iPhone.
Again, both these photos are good.
I just think it’s a very different approach to the way each phone renders these scenes so both phones don’t have a dedicated telephoto lens so that means they entirely rely on digital zoom to get you closer to your subject.
So this is the iPhone 12 version at one x so we haven’t zoomed in at all.
Here’s the pixel five version.
Notice two things here.
Let me bring these up side by side.
So the pixel five is on the left and the iPhone 12 is on the right.
A couple things.
First, the pixel five, the clouds just Yeah, they just look kinda like they’re airbrushed Look, it looks pretty, but it’s lost kinda like the chunkiness the clouds had.
Where’s the iPhone 12 Find that chunking is better.
Let’s take a look at what both phones can do with three times digital zoom.
On the left, I have the pixel five.
On the right I have the iPhone 12.
First of all, let’s talk a little bit about why one looks more zoomed in the other.
Most of that is basically just because they have different wide lenses on it.
So And they also have different zoom ranges.
The pixel five has a seven times digital zoom range, whereas the iPhone 12 has a five times digital zoom.
One of the things Remember there, but as we look at this, you can see that things things start getting soft on both phones.
Probably the biggest difference between the two and I want to just call this out.
The clouds were moving so the left pixel three, we don’t see them, the tree being as hit by sunlight as we do on the iPhone.
I think that’s just The second or two it took me to switch phones to take the photo.
Again, if we look at the CBOE, we see basically a flat color here on the iPhone is kinda lost a little bit of the three dimensions.
On the Google Pixel five we still have that contrast of the edges so it does look a little more three dimensional there.
This is with both of the phones zoomed in at five times digital zoom.
This is where the iPhone tops out.
On the iPhone 12 at five x you can see that things are getting very soft, very painterly, again, actually, it’s interesting because the steeple does get a little more three dimension here but everything just looks painted.
It just looks so watercolor II To me, the pixel five at.
Five x zoom is still doing pretty good.
I would say it’s probably close to what the iPhone 12 was at three times zoom.
That being said, the picture of the iPhone at five times zoom is much more zoomed in than it is on the seven times in which is the The top of the limit here for the pixel five.
So it is not necessarily a very equal comparison in this sense.
I would say though, that the Apple iPhone 12 f five x. Yeah, that’s just kind of like I feel like there’s more of a safety I wouldn’t be taking photos of that.
I feel like three x is kind of a good place to kind of draw that line for me, unless you really just have to like, get it to save the day.
The seven times on the pixel five looks pretty good but again, I’m still pretty far away Look how much closer the iPhone can get.
Let’s take a look a couple more photos here real quick.
So this is of a brick and window building.
I like the way the sun made the colors of the bricks Look, I also like the texture of everything going on and here is the one from the pixel five sorry about the Miss framing.
I was trying to get them the same.
It’s not quite as warm here.
It’s almost a little more a little cooler a little bit the way it handles the highlights.
Let’s go side by side on these.
Again, I think they both look good some bad framing on my part.
Let’s zoom in and take a look here.
Let’s see, man one more time.
There we go, Hey, you could probably you could see me in the window.
So there’s that.
What’s interesting here is the flowers under the window on the iPhone still have a lot of detail in them when I zoom in, whereas the flowers on the picture five do not.
Also it’s interesting to see just how light if you look at the stone on the bottom here, just how blue that looks versus how warm it is and the iPhone.
The iPhone looks truer to life in this scenario.
Let’s move on from the main camera and go to ultra wide which, boy, I love all three cameras, even ones that are great are so much fun just because of that perspective.
Now both phones have some unique things are doing with them.
First thing we’re gonna notice is on the iPhone, the iPhones ultra wide camera is a little bit wider than that on the pixel 5.
The other thing is both of them are doing some sort of lens correction.
You can see that on the pixel 5 definitely, but the iPhone 12 you compare it to last year’s iPhone 11 You’ll notice that the software correction they’re making for the lens is a dramatic improvement.
So let’s take a look at some photos with each of the phones.
All right, to start out I have a picture of a tree that I basically took the camera held it against Gets the trunk of the tree and was shooting up and it gave a really cool perspective the way kind of bent the tree outwards.
Also, you can kind of see some of the tops of the buildings surrounding it.
Let’s go to the iPhone 12 version.
And the first thing you’re gonna notice is again how much wider it is.
I get a streetlight in there now to get more of the building.
So the other things I would say between the two is the colors are very accurate the iPhone tends to give a little more texture and it’s ultra wide.
Whereas the Google Pixel five, it tends to boost the shadows a little bit.
Let’s take a look at some more ultra wide photos here.
Here’s the iPhone 12 and other ultra wide photo I just really thought it was funny that this statue was just sitting there in front of this courthouse.
Now here is the pixel five version of that.
Again, you can see it’s a little closer stand the exact same place because it’s not as wide, but notice how it handles like the texture of the brick a little bit differently.
In here the two photos side by side.
Yeah, and I mean, you just get so much more seen in the iPhones ultra wide camera.
It looks a little more dramatic.
I think the pixel five one is fine, but I prefer the one for the iPhone in this case, that is enough of our ultralights.
Let’s talk about portrait mode.
And we’re start with portrait mode.
Selfies here.
Here’s a portrait mode selfie on the iPhone and as you say, I apologize you can see my face a ton.
I also apologize that it was a good skin day for me.
But hey, it happens to all this Emma.
That being said, yeah, this is the portrait mode selfie from that and here is the one from the pixel five.
You can see that the iPhone one rendered my skin a little warmer, a little more flattery.
Which is nice.
The pixel went a little more true to life, it’s a little cooler.
Also notice the background blur.
This is not from the lens we looked at before.
This is actually made by the phones.
They’re just making this up here.
The iPhone, one, I like how soft it is.
It still has some Dimension like back and forth to it.
The pixel one seemed more of a flat like the whole thing’s blurred the same way.
As far as cut out stuff.
Let’s take a look.
It’s gonna take a second here and there we go.
Yeah, let’s take a look at my, my head.
Boy, it actually does a really good job of cutting my birth do a good job.
Just a little artifact in the iPhone here.
That’s kind of weird.
But yeah, I feel it does a great job especially around the shoulders, the pixel five on the right here how it has more of a strong line as it cuts me out versus the iPhone.
It just has a little bit of a softer like, blur to that edge here.
Also, I’m now seeing it not to make you look at my face more.
The detail in my facial hair on the iPhone looks much better than on the pixel five.
Wow, actually, that’s incredible.
So that’s all the photos I wanted to show you in detail right now but let me show you a bunch of other photos I took with both phones.
Take it away.
Now let’s move on to video.
I’ve shot a lot of video on both phones.
The iPhone has been known for having outstanding video.
I think Google Video kind of gets sold short a little bit but we’ll take a look at it.
You might see some prizes here.
Alright, so this first clip is the iPhone 12.
I’m just touching down on a building here.
Notice again the highlights the shadows, especially the shadows of the fountain here, how it handles that And the highlights of like the kind of the, the molding and stuff in the building in the background.
Here’s the pixel five version of that same move.
The bricks kind of look like almost like little dots.
It’s kinda interesting how it renders that.
And let’s see how it does.
Looks like it’s so for the shadow here.
It actually shows more of the fountain.
It’s not a shadowy as the iPhone was iPhone 12 done.
Again, you can see that the pixel has boosted the shadows a bit.
And actually I think that pixel at the end of the shot looks a little bit better.
Whereas I think the iPhone coming down looks better in the tilt So here’s the iPhone.
Shouldn’t that this is all 4k 30 frames per second on each phone by the way, just to see how like the brassing of his nose.
I don’t know why water is pouring out of his mouth.
So many questions about the statue.
Maybe I should read the plaque and here’s the pixel five version of it.
Again, it looks a little cooler.
So one of the features that the Google Pixel five has on their phone is called cinematic pan effect.
When you open the app, I kind of like the new tools that Google’s implemented in its camera, menus.
There’s a separate one for stabilisation and there’s four kinds of site stabilisation.
It was pretty crazy.
Cinematic Panda does a couple of things, one is doesn’t record the audio, and it only works when you’re connected to the internet.
So if you’re in airplane mode or don’t have internet access you can’t actually use it.
And what it does is, it’s smooths it out.
The iPhone 12 is its first one here.
Also backlit seeing is hard, notice the corner with the camera on the right is too Get a little cooler way it renders the highlights here on the pixel actually kind of looks nice and a lot more noise in the pixel version here, but a very smooth, buttery smooth pan.
I don’t know if it’s cropping in to do that.
I’m not sure exactly.
So this is the iPhone 12.
I’m just walking, not trying to, I’m actually hitting the buttons at the same time.
That’s pretty sweet the kinda you see every now and then, you’ll see like a bigger separate bump.
And here’s the pixel 5. It feels a little more herky jerky, I can’t tell if it’s punching in a little bit too.
Is that what it’s doing?
And let me share this last video, is the slow motion comparison.
Here is the iPhone 12 at 120 frames per second and this is full HD, neither one use 4k.
And here’s the same moment from the Pixel.
And this is, the iPhone can also shoot 240 frame per second, slow motion in full HD, which is.
Kind of insane that a phone can do that.
And that this allows you, again, to slow things down just ever so much more.
All right, so to wrap up.
The pixel five, the iPhone 12.
Which one’s better?
Well, that depends.
I think photo wise they’re pretty even keel.
They just have different philosophies about how they render scenes sometimes and details and colors.
The pixels seems to boost shadows a little bit more than the iPhone, the iPhone goes for more of a punchy warm look.
I think both are pretty great.
As far as video, the pixel five is the best pixel For video period.
That said, I still think the iPhone has a bit of an edge when it comes to dynamic range and the way it does textures and things in the image itself.
So what do you think though?
What do you think about the These phones is the one you’d pick up for photos or video over the other.
The Are you planning on getting one of these phones to shoot video photos?
Throw your thoughts in the comments.

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