Opinion: Why India’s 5G journey could be a bumpy one in the short-term

India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani declared that Reliance Jio would pave the fifth generation communication technology (5G) journey starting 2021. None would question this statement as the company today boasts of the financial muscle to achieve it. What bears questioning is the alacrity of the federal government to create policy-level changes that enable its introduction. 

For starters, India’s top two mobile service providers, Jio and Airtel, have already struck a note of discord, hours after Ambani’s assertion at the India Mobile Congress, an event attended by none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While Ambani believes the country is ready to launch 5G networks, Airtel’s Sunil Mittal says it would take at least 2-3 years for it. 

It could be a Jio monopoly

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