The best 13-inch laptop 2020: the top 13-inch laptops we’ve reviewed

When it comes to portability, the best 13-inch laptops are the king of the hill. But, did you know that they’re just as capable as many of their bigger counterparts? These laptops have mastered the craft of squeezing a lot of power in their svelte bodies, and they’re ideal for those who want a thin and light machine – whether they’re students looking for the most affordable portables to professionals who also demand a solid performance.

While 15-inch laptops offer a bigger screen real estate and room for more powerful internals, the best 13-inch laptops offer a svelte form factor ideal for smaller spaces and for traveling light. Don’t take that to mean that they can’t deliver in power, however. These 13-inch portables tout more than enough power in their small form for demanding tasks like photo editing, music production and even light gaming. In fact, many of them are powerful enough to make our best laptops, best business laptops, or best Ultrabooks lists. 

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