Avast Antivirus solutions review

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This is our all-in-one roundup reviewing every Avast consumer security solution for 2021. On this page, after our brief intro, you’ll find

(a) a full evaluation of the Avast Premium Security suite, along with our reviews of the additional features incorporated with the rest of the range: 

(b) the top-end package, Avast Ultimate, and 

(c) our review of the free offering, Avast Free Antivirus

You can jump to the reviews of those individual products by clicking on the links in the bar at the top of this page, but bear in mind that this article is really designed to be read all the way through, as the core features of Avast Premium Security are present in both the free package and the Ultimate suite.

Avast Free Antivirus is one of the most popular antivirus apps around, and it’s easy to see why. There are no annoying restrictions to try to persuade you to upgrade, and no gaping holes in its feature set: you get antivirus, malicious URL filtering, and some welcome bonus extras including an extra anti-ramsomware layer to protect your most important document folders, and speedy scanning for network vulnerabilities.

Upgrade to the capable Avast Premium Security suite and you’ll also get a firewall, secure file deletion and webcam hijacking protection, while a software updater automatically finds and installs missing security patches.

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