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The LG CX OLED TV doesn’t look like a big step forward from last year’s acclaimed LG C9 model on paper, but LG has done an incredible job of focusing in on the niggles we had in the previous model, and rendering its flagship OLED TV for 2020 perfect in pretty much every way. The result is a mesmerisingly cinematic performance that will give movies and TV shows the loving treatment they deserve.

Yes, the design and specifications seem similar to last year’s model, but at an initial $2,499 / £2,799 RRP – since dropped to just $1,899 / £1,799 – it’s substantially cheaper than previous 65-inch C Series OLEDs have been. Changes to the Alpha a9 Gen 3 Processor have cleared up any issues leftover from last year’s LG C9 OLED, too – as well as improving the way faces are displayed by the chip’s processing.

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