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The T-Pod was just the start for Swedish trucking startup Einride.


We’ve covered Swedish company Einride and its electric, driverless T-Pod and T-Log vehicles, but now, according to an announcement made on Thursday, the company is taking its tech global.

Specifically, it’s going to offer the next generation of its short-to-medium-distance electric and Level 4 autonomous trucks to customers around the world with the focus being on use in closed fenced facilities, ports and harbors along with some public roads. This drayage work is similar to what Einride has been working on with its first-generation vehicles.

Beyond that, it plans to have vehicles capable of long-distance highway driving by 2023. This is a fairly ambitious goal, considering how many truck companies have nailed this feat already (Read: none).

The new pods will be known as Autonomous Electric Transports (AETs) and will go by the model designation AET-1, -2, -3 and 4. As you might expect, AET-1 and AET-2 will be the first to launch. Both these first two models will have a gross vehicle weight of 26 tons and a capacity of up to 15 pallets of cargo.

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