Google Chrome Extension Makers Will Have to Disclose Data Usage Practices From January 2021

Google is trying to crack down on untrusted extensions for its Chrome web browser. The Mountain View, California-based giant is now introducing a policy that will require data usage disclosures for extensions in the Chrome web store. The new policy will kick in from January 2021. According to the new policy, creators of Chrome extensions will have to explain the kind of data they are collecting such as sign-in details or personally identifiable information and how they will be using it.

Apart from disclosing how and what data they will use, Chrome extension makers will also have to promise to honour the new policy from Google, which bans them from selling data to third parties, using user data for something not related to the Chrome extension and relying on data for credit checks and moneylending. Google said that extension makers can start disclosing information starting right now, and it won’t be displayed on the Chrome Web Store until January 18 2021. Google also said that it will apply a notice to developers’ listings if they don’t make the disclosures by January 18.

Google recently published its last big update of 2020 for Chrome. The new update brought the biggest performance in Chrome in years. Google said that the new browser reduces CPU usage by up to 5 times and extends battery life by about 1.25 hours. Further, Chrome is claimed to load up to 25 percent faster and load pages up to 7 percent faster with the latest update, using less RAM and power than before. Apart from the power and performance optimisation, the latest Chrome update brought other features like tab search, new functionalities to the address bar, and Cards to Google’s web browser.

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