Google Chrome Gets The Last Big Update For 2020 And Promises To Be Faster And Lesser Battery Hog

Google has started rolling out its last update for Chrome browser for this year. With the last Chrome update for 2020, Google claims to have fixed one of the biggest problem with its browser, along with a few new additions to make Chrome more user-friendly and accessible. The latest update brings better power and battery optimisation, tab search, new functionalities to the address bar, and Chrome Cards. “These updates can help you get things done this holiday season (and beyond), so you can make life’s work a bit smoother and reclaim precious time,” Google said in its announcement.

The new update brings the largest performance gain in Chrome in years. Google said that the browser now prioritises active tabs versus everything that’s open. This, in turn reduces CPU usage by up to 5 times and extends battery life by up to 1.25 hours. These numbers are based on Google’s internal benchmark test. Further, Chrome will now start up 25 percent faster and will load pages up to 7 percent faster, using less power and RAM than before. On Android as well, Chrome will now load pages almost instantaneously when users navigate backward and forward, making the experience faster. This performance upgrade is a much welcome change as Google Chrome is said to be the most power-consuming web browser out there.

Apart from the power and battery optimisation, the new update brings the ability to search tabs. This is also a useful feature for those users that work on multiple tabs, often opening too many to keep a track of. The search tool will show on the top right corner of the window (right next to the minimise button on Windows). It will show a list of open tabs – regardless of the window they’re open in, to allow users to quickly type to find the one they are looking for. The feature will first be rolled out for Chromebooks, then to other desktop platforms, Google said. Even if a user has multiple windows open, the tab search tool will find a tab no matter which window it is in.

Google has also added new functionalities to the Google Chrome address bar. The company is expanding what users can do with the address bar. When users type ‘edit passwords’ or ‘delete history,’ they can now take action directly from the address bar. Google said that its first set of actions focus on privacy and security, allowing users to manage their privacy and security settings straight from the address bar.

Apart from all of this, the company is adding cards to Chrome. Chrome Cards will show on the new tab page on Chrome and will help users pick up where they left off. Clicking on a card will take users to a recently-visited and related content on the web. Cards will currently include recently-visited and related content, and they’ll start showing up for some users under the shortcuts on a new tab.

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