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Diwali is right around the corner and if the past months have taught us anything in 2020, it is to stay inside the house due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. However, Diwali is a festival that brings a lot of enthusiasm as people look to relax and enjoy with their near and dear ones. Though the COVID-19 restrictions have been formally eased around the country, it is still not recommended to venture out of the house and many people may be apprehensive about visiting other homes. 

In such a situation, internet and video calling have proved a boon for people in India who are looking to connect to their families. Naturally, with Diwali celebrations beginning, people would want to send across wishes and greetings to their near and dear ones. Here’s how to send Diwali stickers on WhatsApp wishing your friends, family and peers a happy Diwali 2020. Whatsapp has also introduced tons of new features to the app and you can know all about it here.

How to send Diwali stickers on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp allows users to send short animated Diwali stickers to people and has tons of stickers to choose from. Moreover, users can download third-party sticker apps from the Play Store or App Store and use them in WhatsApp seamlessly. You can send Diwali WhatsApp stickers to users by following these steps.

  1. Open WhatsApp and select the chat you want to send the sticker to.

  2. Tap the emoji button and then select the sticker icon.

  3. Here you will see the list of stickers available on WhatsApp that you can browse through or just type “Diwali” in the search box.

  4. The search results will display many stickers for use related to Diwali.

  5. Select a sticker from the list and you will be able to directly send it to the selected chat.

Another method involves downloading third-party stickers from the Play Store or App Store.

  1. Open the chat you want to send the sticker to.

  2. Tap on the emoji icon and select stickers.

  3. Tap the settings icon and select the browse tab.

  4. Scroll down to the end of the list and tap the Play Store icon.

  5. You will be redirected to the Play Store with a list of third-party stickers.

  6. Choose and install the sticker pack of your liking or download Sticker Maker to create your own custom WhatsApp stickers for Diwali.

  7. To view the downloaded sticker packs, tap the Add icon and the sticker pack will be listed under My Stickers.

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