PUBG Bans over 1 million accounts between Oct 16 and Oct 22 | Digit

It’s no secret that PUBG Mobile has a bit of a cheater problem. The developers have just announced that they have permanently banned an additional 1,124,756 accounts for cheating. These accounts were banned between October 16 and October 22. They also posted an infographic of the same on their social media channels. This shed light on not only the most commonly used hacks used by cheaters but also the level cheaters had reached.

According to the image, 22% of cheaters were at the Diamond level, while 20% were at the Platinum level. Only 1% of the cheaters were at the Conqueror level. In terms of hacks being used. 32% used X-Ray vision, while 29% used auto-aim. The least common hack as the modification of character models, which was used by 2% of cheaters. 


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