Sony Direct PS5 restock: what time it was back in stock – and how to get email invites

Update: The latest PS5 restock today was at 2pm EDT – and it only for sale if you had an email invite from Sony Direct, the official store for the PlayStation brand. We did track another PS5 restock this morning, October 13, a Target – online for in-store pickup – but not all Target stores had it in stock. Two very small PS5 restocks.

If you didn’t get the Sony Direct email invite, step 1) follow our PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider for alerts – follow and turn on notifications. Step 2) sign up for our email alerts. Sony Direct often (not always) opens up a second virtual queue for all registered PSN users at a later time – usually at 5pm EDT or 6pm EDT. It didn’t happen today, however. Even Sony’s store to sell the console is experiencing PS5 supply constraints.

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