Check iPhone Battery Health in These Simple Steps

If you are an iPhone user then you should keep checking the battery health of your phone from time to time. This is very important to confirm if the phone battery needs to be replaced? Poor battery condition means that after charging the iPhone, you will be able to use it for a very short time. Apple has given some tools to check the battery health of the phone. These features were launched by the company in the year 2018 at the time of release of iOS 11.3. You get to see this feature in iPhone 6 and all subsequent models. You get to see the same tools in the iPad as well.
In this article, we are telling you which steps you have to follow to check the battery health of iPhone.

How to check your iPhone battery health?

Before we begin with the steps, know that Apple generally provides information about the maximum battery capacity available on your device and its peak performance capacity in two different areas. Maximum battery capacity is a measure of the capacity of the battery from new state to current. On the other hand, Peak Performance Capacity is measured to check whether the battery is operating at its peak capacity, or whether performance management features are blocking peak power.

  1. First of all your iPhone Settings got into.
  2. scrolling down Battery Tap on option.
  3. Now Battery Health Tap on

Here you can see the maximum capacity and peak performance capacity of your iPhone battery. Apple also displays important battery notifications by itself if the phone’s battery health is deteriorating or the replaced battery hasn’t been verified by the system.

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