Easy way to play PUBG and PUBG Mobile on computer or laptop

More than two years have passed since PUBG was launched and the game is still one of the most popular Battle Royale games you can play in PC and Console. It also has a mobile version called PUBG Mobile, which is available for Android and iOS, and the game has made a splash there too. However, we are sure that nothing matches the experience of PUBG. You can experience it on a large display and its graphics are also great. That is why today here we will tell you how to play PUBG on PC without emulator and also how to run PUBG Mobile on PC with emulator.

How to Play Pubg on PC without an emulator

How to run pubg without emulator in pc

PUBG can be played on PC via Steam. First of all you have to install the most popular PC game store Steam in your PC and then follow the steps given below.

Go to this website and ‘For Windows PC’Steam ‘ download And Install Do it
After steam is installed Open And in your account Sign in Do it Alternatively, if you do not have a Steam account, you can New account Can also be made.
Now below left after signing in Add games And click “Browse steam for games“Go. Here in the search bar”PUBGType
Here you will get the option to buy PUBG. The price of PUBG is currently Rs 999. All you need is “Add to cart“, Then you have to choose one of the two options here. These options will be – ‘Purchase for myself‘or’Purchase as a gift‘. Now pay to buy the game.
After purchasing PUBG you can now play it on PC.

How to play pubg on pc for free

How to play pubg on pc for free

If you do not have a high-end PC system or do not want to spend money on games, you can download and install PUBG Lite. This game is available for free to play in Windows. This is the light version of the game, in which the quality of the graphics has been reduced. With this, you can also play the game on a light specification computer or laptop. Follow the steps below to download it on your PC.

Go to the PUBG Lite website. For pc PUBG Lite Yellow down to download Download button Click on
To proceed once again to the next page Yellow download button Click on
After the PubG Lite setup is downloaded, it Open And enter your information into your PUBG account log in Do it If you do not have a PUBG account, you New account Can make
After logging in Install button Click on This will install the game on your computer’s local storage.
Now you can play PUBG Lite on your computer, that too at no charge.

How to Play Pubg Mobile on PC emulator

How to play PubG Mobile on PC

The last way is not to run the PC version of PUBG, but in this way you will be able to run PUBG Mobile on your computer with the help of Android emulator. Here we will also teach you how to change the language of PUBG emulator to English.

Download the official Gameloop PUBG Mobile Emulator, formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy.
Emulator key .Exe After downloading the file on a computer or laptop Install Do it
After install, emulator Open. Now you will see that the emulator will open in Chinese language. So before proceeding, you have to change its language Convert to english Will happen.
to do this Windows key + r Press and regedit Type and OK Click or on the keyboard Enter Press button. Now Pop-up menu On Yes Click on
This will open the Registry Editor and in the sub-menu on the left side MobileGamePC Must be pre-selected
Inside MobileGamePC, UserLanguage Double-click on it and in the value data en_US Insert Now OK Click on the emulator Start again Do it
Now you will see the language of the emulator in English. Now in search bar PUBG Mobile Search and download and install the game. After the game is installed, it will emulator My games Section. Click on it to play.
By following these simple methods, you can now play PUBG Mobile on Computer or Laptop.

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