Flagship grade camera features make Samsung Galaxy A71, Galaxy A51 the perfect all-rounder

From being a fancy feature to an essential requirement, smartphone cameras have come a long way. We can call the camera an important part of today’s modern smartphone. The camera has become one of the most widely used features in the growing digital life.

Keeping this in mind, Samsung has now added great and very useful new camera features to its Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 smartphones. These powerful features were previously only available with Samsung’s flagship smartphone series – the Galaxy S20 series. The update brings the latest features of the Galaxy S20 series to the brand’s two premium phones, the Galaxy A51 and the Galaxy A71.

All these important features make Samsung’s Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 a great all-rounder smartphone, offering great value for your precious money. From capturing beautiful photos and videos to offering top-notch performance in their segment, these Galaxy A-series phones are ideal for the youth of India.

So how can cameras on Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 help you take better photos and videos? Below we are listing some of the main features, which are now available on these innovative phones. These features can help take your smartphone photography to the next level.

Single Take – Unique way to capture photos and videos

Your smartphone’s camera can capture photos and videos in a variety of modes. But many times you are suddenly caught in the dilemma as to which mode is right to choose and finally how to capture that important moment in a perfect way. With Single Take, the Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 give you the ability to capture both photos and videos on one click instead of wasting time in selecting the right mode.

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Single Take mode makes it easier to capture your precious moments

The new single take mode takes a maximum of 10 different photos at one tap. These include many moments and action. All you have to do is tap on the shutter button, after which it takes 10 seconds and you have a total of 7 photos and 3 videos. Single Tech helps you capture great photos and videos without any complexity.

Take the example of a loved one’s birthday party. When you’re trying to capture a special occasion, Single Take saves your time by shooting those crucial moments in a variety of formats. All you have to do is select the single take mode and in a few seconds your phone’s gallery app will have many photos and videos of those party moments. The single take feature will ensure that you can capture every moment of your loved one from extinguishing candles to cutting the cake on one tap.

The single tech feature turns a very complex concept into an easy to use process on your Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 smartphones. This feature was previously only available on Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series flagship phones.

Night Hyperlapse – Get Flagship-Level Hyperlapse Videos in the Dark

Shooting a great video in the dark is not easy for many popular smartphones. Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 are capable of shooting great videos even in low light conditions. With the Night Hyperlapse mode, you can easily capture stunning hyper-lapse videos in the dark.

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A shot captured using Night Hyperlapse mode

When you are admiring the beauty of the night sky, Night Hyperlapse gives you the option to create a beautiful video, which will be enough to catch the attention of all your friends and family members.

Now you can shoot long exposure videos on your Samsung Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71 using Night Hyperlapse mode. Using this mode, the long-exposure shots captured turn into beautiful videos, which you can share on social media and loot a lot of accolades. You have to try it once to believe it.

Custom Filters – Create your own filters

Filters make your photos look good. But what if you could take things to a whole new level? Now you can create your own filters using existing photos on your Samsung Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71 smartphone.

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Custom filters help you add that personal touch to your photos

These custom filters can be converted into custom filters using the color profile and vibe of the existing photo. These filters can be saved in the camera app so that they can be used in photographs the next time the shot is captured. You can create as many custom filters as you want.

For example, suppose you are creating an album that contains a small group. Applying custom filters to these photos can add special touch to it. Thus you can become a professional in smartphone photography with custom filters.

Smart Selfie Angle – Wide-angle selfie, which looks great

Selfies are fun and that is why they need to be perfect. Most smartphones can capture normal selfies quite well, but when it comes to capturing tremendous selfies, where more than one person is involved, it becomes a problem. Smart selfie angle feature makes your selfie better when you share it on your social media profile.

Powerful and innovative smart selfie angle modes on your Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 smartphones have made it fun to pull a group selfie.

Every time you use the front camera to take a selfie with your friends, the camera automatically changes to wide-angle mode. It helps you bring more people to your selfie.

Quick Video – Never miss important moments

The new Quick Video mode lets you easily capture videos by long-pressing the capture button to record videos. This feature is very useful when you have to capture any event quickly. Through this, you can capture videos instantly without wasting your time in multiple camera modes. This mode makes it easy to capture multiple opportunities.

Through this mode, many important moments can be captured by just tapping on a button. For example, devils of young children or a joke made by someone. Long-pressing the shutter button in the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71’s camera app allows you to capture quick videos without having to manually switch to video mode.

Switch Camera While Recording – Great feature for vlogging

Now that we have great cameras on both the front as well as the back, we like to capture photos and videos using both. But what if you want to capture a video using both cameras? Now it has been made possible by the latest update of Galaxy A51.

This feature is great for video bloggers and other users. Users who want to make pro-level video can use this feature to capture video using both front camera and back camera.

With this feature, you can switch the front and back camera while recording video clips without stopping the recording. In this way you can also capture yourself with your front scene with a single tap in a single video.

AI Gallery Zoom – Smart Doctor for your old photos

Anyone who has ever received a picture on a messaging platform from a friend or relative knows what the blurred or pixelated photos look like. The new AI Gallery Zoom now sharpens these blurry photos of you.

This feature, which works on Artificial Intelligence, clears your blurred photos, making them shareable to all your social media profiles or other work. If you get photos taken from any other old smartphone, then you can also improve them through this feature.

AI Gallery Zoom can make your old photos look good. This feature is perfect for those upgrading from older phones, and you can make the photos that are blurry due to the old cameras on that phone sharp and usable with the gallery zoom on the new smartphone. Often the quality of the pictures coming on the messaging platforms is reduced. In such a situation, you can also see those blurred photos with this feature in a better form.

Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 are the Perfect All-Rounder Smartphones

With so many flagship-level features, the Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 are powerful devices for users who spend time playing, capturing and sharing games on their smartphones. Apart from software features, these smartphones also have 64-megapixel camera sensors, which can help take your smartphone’s photography experience to the next level. You can take great pictures with the ability to capture large area with ultra wide night mode. The quad cam’s built-in 5 megapixel macro camera captures clean and high quality photos, which capture ultra-fine detail of your close-up shots. The latest AR Doodle feature on the Galaxy A71 allows you to use augmented reality to draw lines and write in 3D.

In addition to camera upgrades, the Samsung Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 bring some big features in segments such as the Infiniti-O SMOLED Plus * display, quad-camera module, and long-lasting battery. Privacy features such as Quick Switch and content optimization make the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 an all-rounder, thus making them the leader of the mid-range smartphone segment!

If you want to make a smart choice at a great price, then the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 smartphones are great choices. These smartphones are available at retail stores, Samsung.com and large e-commerce channels. The prices of both devices have also come down recently and are available with cheaper EMI options.

Buy Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 today.


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