How to get back deleted photos and videos from Google Photos app

Google Photos is one of the most preferred cloud storage options for backing up your photos and videos, especially for Google Pixel phones and other Android users. This platform can be used to store old photos and access them anytime using any device that lets you sign-in to your Google Account. Google Photos categorizes photos in a very systematic way based on face, location, time and many other album options. Even photos and videos you delete from the Google Photos app are kept in the Trash folder for 60 days before being erased forever. It is possible to retrieve them before they are erased. However, this only happens if the Back Up and Sync feature of Google Photos is activated.

How to recover deleted photos and videos from Google Photos

If a user wants to recover deleted photos and videos, they must first check whether the content is in their Trash folder on the app. If a deleted photo or video isn’t in the Trash, it can’t be restored. If the user moved a photo to the Trash more than 60 days ago, then emptied the folder, the user will not be able to restore it. In addition, photos or videos cannot be restored if it was moved to the Trash folder on a device running Android 11 or later and not backed up more than 30 days ago. Will not restore even if the Trash folder was permanently deleted or if the contents were permanently deleted from the device’s Gallery app without backing up first. If a photo or video is showing up in the Trash folder of Google Photos, follow the steps below to retrieve it using your Android phone or web browser-

  1. To restore photos or videos on an Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone, or iPad, Google Photos Open the app.
  2. at the bottom, Library Tap on Trash Go to folder.
  3. Find the photo or video you want to restore. Touch and hold a photo or video.
  4. at the bottom Restore Press option. photo or video on phone Gallery The app will be moved back to the Google Photos library and album it was in.
  5. On your computer, you can go to
  6. left side of the window Trash Click on Folder.
  7. Place your cursor over the photo or video you want to restore, then click Select Click on
  8. top right Restore Click on The photo or video will be restored to your Google Photos account and added back to any albums it was in.

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