Jio Postpaid Plus launched, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription in all plans

Jio has launched Jio Postpaid Plus. These are the latest postpaid plans of the company. In Jio Postpaid Plus, subscribers will get video streaming service and subscription to Jio apps, data rollover and international calling benefits. Jio subscribers will have to get a new SIM card, but the company says that there will be no change in the phone number. And there will also be no downtime. Jio Postpaid Plus will be made available from September 24. Jio postpaid plan of Rs 199 will still be available.

Jio Postpaid Plus features

In Jio Post Plus, users will get subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + Hotstar VIP. Apart from this, access to live apps will also be given. Users will get data rollover and Wi-Fi calling facility up to 500 GB. Users can also provide the facility of Jio Postpaid Plus to their family member, but this facility is available only in select plans with a fee of Rs 250 only. The number of family members also depends on the plan.

International roaming facilities will also be available in select Jio postpaid plans. Indian subscribers going abroad will get in-flight connectivity. Subscribers will be able to make international calls to the US and the UAE at no charge. Jio Postpaid Plus subscribers will be charged a fee of Rs 1 for calling from any other country in India. International calls will start at 50 paise per minute.

Additionally, existing live postpaid users can stick to their existing credit limit, even if they are not given a new SIM card. There will be no downtime even if you get a new SIM. The company says that the SIM will be delivered to the subscribers at their home.

Jio Postpaid Plus plans

The price of Jio Postpaid Plus starts at Rs 399 and goes up to Rs 1,499. All these plans come with unlimited voice calling and SMS facility. Apart from this, subscription to three content streaming service is also available. The plan of Rs 399 will get 75 GB data and the data rollover will be up to 200 GB. 100 GB data will be available for use in the postpaid plan of Rs 599. There will be a 200 GB data rollover facility. Apart from this, an additional SIM card will be available with the family plan. For Rs 799, you will get 150 GB data, 200 GB data rollover and 2 additional SIM cards with family plans. The Rs 999 plan offers 200 GB data, 500 GB data rollover and three additional SIM cards with a family plan. The most expensive plan is Rs 1,499. It will get 300 GB data, 500 GB data rollover, unlimited data and voice calls in US and UAE.

Jio Postpaid Plus plans will be made available from September 24.


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