MIUI 11: Get rid of unwanted advertisements and spam notifications on your Xiaomi smartphone

Xiaomi is one of the most popular smartphone maker companies in India and even if not, this company is known for selling you handset with great specifications at an affordable price. However, a problem is very common in its phone, due to which everyone is worried, they are the favorite notifications and advertisements. This is a problem that every Xiaomi user has faced. You may also be troubled by this problem, as the company’s existing MIUI 11 Android ROM continues to have this problem.

Previously we told you how to stop unwanted advertisements in MIUI 10 through step-by-step guide. At the same time, now we are going to tell you how to disable unsolicited advertisement on MIUI 11.

Many people do not know which version their phone is working on, so to know their smartphone version, open the settings of your Xiaomi phone and go to ‘About phone’. Here you will get all the information related to your phone, MIUI information will be given like this, ‘MIUI Global 11.0.4’. If the version of your phone is MIUI 11, then in this way you can stop unwanted advertising in your phone.

Turn off unsolicited advertising through MSA process

The biggest reason for ads appearing in stock apps is the MSA or MIUI system advertising process, which keeps running in the background. In the previous version of MIUI, you had to switch off several times to stop advertising, but we found the MIUI 11 method quite simple, how? Let’s know-

1. First go to the Settings app.

2. Complete the Authorization & revocation process by entering password.

3. Here you will see ‘msa’ list with green Android logo, which you have to ‘off’.

4. After this you have to do the same with GetApps, the last option on the list.

5. After this, you will get a 10-second warning message, in which you will be asked to ensure this step.

6. After the countdown is over, press ‘Revoke’. If it does not go off at once, you can do it multiple times. (Although there is no need to do this.)

7. After this, even if you reboot your phone, you will remain MSA disabled.

Other changes to stop advertising-

The above mentioned method is enough, but we have some other ways to close the advertisement. By using these methods you can get rid of unwanted advertisements completely. Follow these steps for this-

1. Go to Password and Security using the previous method.

2. Now click in Privacy and scroll down, then tap on the User Experience Program section.

3. Here you have to disable the toggle switch for User Experience Program and Send diagnostic data automatically.

4. Now you will see Ad services below. Here you have to disable personalized ad recommendations.

With these methods, you will not only see the advertisements of the native app, but this method will not be able to turn off the spam notifications of the rest of the app in your phone, for this you will have to go to different apps and disable the notification. Let’s know how-

How to stop advertising with Mi Video-

1. Open the Mi Video app.

2. Then tap on the Profile tab of the right corner in the bottom and then go to Settings.

3. Now disable Online recommendations, Push notifications and Personalized recommendations.

How to stop advertising with Mi Music-

1. Open the Music app.

2. Now click on the three-line menu at the top.

3. After this go to Settings and go to Advanced Settings and scroll down and disable Receive Recommendations.

How to stop advertising from File Manager-

1. Open the File Manager app.

2. Now click on the three-line menu at the top.

3. After Settings go to About.

4. Disable Recommendations.

How to stop advertising in Downloads-

1. Open the Downloads app by going to Tools Folder.

2. Tap on three vertical dots.

3. Disable the recommended content here.

How to disable advertising in Mi Browser-

1. Open Mi Browser first.

2. Tap on the three-line menu and go to Settings.

3. Disable Content Feed here. (If you do not want weird content to pop up)

4. Now go to Advanced and disable Show ads here.

5. Now go to the main settings page and tap on Privacy & security.

6. Here you have to disable Personalized services.

How to stop advertising from Mi Security-

1. Open the Security app.

2. Now click on the cog icon on the top left.

3. Now tap on Cleaner in Settings and disable the Receive recommendations given below the list.

4. You can also disable it through the Remind to clean option.

5. Now come back to the main settings and disable the Receive recommendations by scroll down.

6. For more privacy, you can also disable Report data usage info by clicking on Data Usage.

This is how you stop advertising in Themes

1. Open Themes app.

2. Now tap on the My page tab at the bottom right.

3. Disable Recommendations by tapping on Settings.

Uninstall Bloatware

We have learned all the ways to get rid of unwanted advertisements and notifications of native apps, now it is the turn of those apps which come pre-installed in our phones, including Dailyhunt, WPS Office, Opera Mini and some games apps like Ludo Master , Pop Shooter Blast etc. However, we can uninstall many of these apps, including Mi Community, Mi Store, and Mi Credit. Know what to do for them-

1. Long-press on any app you want to uninstall, and then tap on the app info in the pop-up bubble.

2. After this, all you have to do is click on the uninstall button, which will be given to you in the bottom.

3. Then tap on OK, complete the uninstall process.

Use Promoted Apps to disable

There are some default folders, such as Games and More apps etc .. When you open them, you see promoted apps.

Long-press on these folders to close them. Now all you have to do is turn it off.

Turn off spam app notifications –

To turn off the notification of the spam app, you long-press on the notification shade alert, after which you will see the toggle switch where you will get the option to turn off the notification of the app. Turn it off here, after that you will not get any notification through these apps.

1. Go to the Settings app of the phone.

2. Tap on notification and scroll down to the list, here you will get the option of disabled notifications which you have to turn off.

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