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OnePlus has finally revealed the OnePlus 6 smartphone. For the past 6 months, the company was looking to create an atmosphere for OnePlus 6 in a loud way. Last year, OnePlus 5 was the first phone to be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. At the same time, 5T replaced it with 18: 9 screen. Now the time has come for OnePlus 6, which has come equipped with a new look, new processor and new display.

The process of change does not end here, Glass has been given in the rear of OnePlus 6. OnePlus supports wireless charging. Also, the user gets the option to choose from 3 different types of glass. The company expects the midnight black option to be particularly popular. It has a matte texture coating feel. Everyone will want to touch it as soon as they see it. As soon as the exterior glows on it, a different pattern of glass starts appearing to the user.

The other option is also Black, which is named Mirror Black. Its polished view will surely attract the eye. (If you decide to run the phone without a cover) This will largely remind you of the iPhone 7 with Apple’s Black and Jet options. The third option is silk white. It has a rose gold frame, which is different. The texture of the rear panel is unique, which is as soft as the touch.


OnePlus has so far paid more attention to online sales. But we would suggest that you visit the store offline once before purchasing. Both black options will come to India with either 64 GB storage variants or 128 GB storage. The Silk White option will knock later. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 has been given on the front and back of the three.

There is a notch in the front. The front of the phone is not different at all according to the teaser. It is no surprise that aspects like Notch should be of meaning to everyone. The positive thing is that the screen is large, the borders are thin. The notch has a multi-color Stotus LED.

Amoled screen is bright and punchy. In the initial impressions, the app and wallpaper looked great but to know ‘how much better’ everything is, you have to wait for our detailed review. The OnePlus 6 is slim and an easy-to-use phone. However, it is difficult to reach all the edges of the phone with just the thumb.

One information can be annoying to people using OnePlus for a long time. The company has changed the alert slider from left to right. Thankfully, the OnePlus 6 has a 3.5 mm audio socket, which is placed right next to the USB-Type C port. There are also mono speaker buttons here. The dual nano SIM tray indicates that the phone does not include an option to increase storage.

The fingerprint sensor is not round, it is given below the camera module. The rim provided in the module is not strong in terms of protection. We also had this problem in OnePlus 5, which the company had also improved in OnePlus 5T. Then do not know why, the company continued it in OnePlus 6.

This is the first phone manufactured in India, which comes with Qualcomm’s top Snapdragon 845 processor. The price of the phone with this processor is still much lower than the flagship of Samsung, Huawei and Apple. The phone has a 3300 mAh battery, which comes with a dash charge.

There is 4K support for the front camera and a slow motion mode of 720 pixels 480 frames per second. We will definitely test OnePlus 6 cameras for stills and videos. We would like to know the limitations of the Snapdragon 845 with curiosity. From now on, it is too early to say anything about the phone battery. Wait for our detailed review to know ‘everything’ in detail about OnePlus 6.

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