Oppo F9 Pro Review

Nowadays all handset manufacturer companies are focusing not only on the specification of the smartphone but also on their design. Companies are working on the design of the phone to meet customer expectations and give the phone a cool look. Through the Oppo F9 Pro, the company has considered doing something different. The design of Oppo F9 Pro attracts more attention. When buying a smartphone, customers look at the design and specification of the phone’s look or say.

Keeping this in mind of the customers, Oppo has launched the Oppo F9 Pro with a notch design and great battery backup. This handset comes with quick charging support. Oppo’s counterpart company Xiaomi has launched Poco F1 in a budget of Rs 20,000-30,000. Will Oppo F9 Pro be able to compete with Xiaomi Poco F1 in the market or not. Also, is Oppo F9 Pro a profitable deal for you or not. Let us understand the answer to these two questions on the basis of specification and price.

Design of Oppo F9 Pro

Oppo F9 Pro comes with three finishes. All three finishes come with multi-color and different patterns. We have a Sunrise Red Finish handset for review. On the back panel you will see a diamond cut pattern. You will see a similar pattern on the back panel of the Twilight Blue variant. But in the upper part of the back panel of this model, you will see the accumulation of dark navy and the light blue color in the lower part. The Magenta-Indigo two colors have been used with gradient finish on the back panel of Steri Purple Verint. The metallic finish of all three variants is very shiny. The back panel finish of the Sunrise Red variant we had was bright. The diamond cut design on the back panel is always clearly visible, it is not necessary.


The way to hold the phone in hand or if the light falls on the right place, a diamond cut design emerges. In the retail box you will find transparent cover which is made of rubber. The notch design has been given on the front panel. In the Nokia, you will see a selfie camera. The company has named it Waterdrop. Oppo has cleverly reduced the design by design. The earpiece is placed on the front of the phone just above the front camera. Behind the black margin, you will see a multi color body. The border at the top and bottom of the screen is quite small, the company claimed that the handset has 90.8 percent screen-to-body ratio.

If the weight of the phone is 169 grams, then you will not feel heavy even if you lift it. However, the thumb will have to be stretched slightly to reach all the corners of the phone. This Oppo handset is not able to protect it from dust and water splatter. The hand is easily accessible to the fingerprint sensor with the power button on the right side, the voice amplification and reduction button on the left. We were surprised to see that the company has given a micro-USB port in this handset instead of Type-C port. Explain that this was necessary for OPPO’s VOOC charging. At the bottom of the phone is a 3.5mm headphone jack and a single speaker. A SIM-tray will be found on the left side of the phone, it has two nano SIMs and a slot for inserting the card.


Oppo F9 Pro specifications and software

As we said, Xiaomi Poco F1 has also been launched. Poco F1 will compete with Oppo F9 Pro in the market. Both handsets are mid-range smartphones. After the launch of Poco F1, now the hardware of F9 Pro may be something you don’t like. The MediaTek Helio P60 Octa-core processor has been used in Oppo F9 Pro. Let us know that this same processor was also used by Oppo in the first handset Realme 1 (Review) of its new sub brand Reality. This processor comes with ARM Mali-G72 GPU. Oppo F9 Pro has been launched in 6 GB RAM / 64 GB variants.

Along with Oppo F9 Pro, the company also launched Oppo F9. In Oppo F9, the company has given 4 GB RAM, not 6 GB RAM. This model is not available in the store at the moment, the company has not even revealed the date from which the model will be available at the store. The surprising thing is that there is a difference of Rs 4,000 in both the models of Oppo. The major feature of the F9 Pro is the 3500 mAh battery and VOOC flash charge support provided in it. The charger uses technology that protects the phone from overheating. The weight of the charger and USB cable found in the retail box is heavier than the old accessories of Oppo. Oppo has claimed that this handset gives two hours of talk time backup on charging five minutes.


Oppo has used LTPS LCD panel in its handset, due to which the consumption of battery is low. F9 Pro has a 6.3-inch (1080×2340 pixels) display, its aspect ratio is 19.5: 9. For connectivity, this handset comes with WiFi 802.11 AC, Bluetooth version 4.2, GPS and VoLTE support. The handset we have for review is equipped with the July 2018 security patch. This handset of Oppo comes with Color OS 5.2 Skin based on Android Oreo.

The size of the icon on the home screen is slightly larger. On the left side of the first home screen of the handset is the Smart Assistant screen. Here you will see many app shortcuts like weather information, step tracking, events etc. If you drag it downwards, you will see a systemwide search option. It resembles the feature present in iOS. With the help of floating panel, you will be able to easily access the app shortcut and screenshot tool. If you use it while watching videos, some apps will launch like floating windows.


There are many options in the Settings app. If you want, you can use on-screen navigation buttons or gestures. There are many gestures and shortcuts in the phone. Smart driving mode will block notifications and calls, but you have to activate it by going to settings. Or when your phone is connected to the car’s Bluetooth, this feature will still work. Oppo F9 Pro has Face Unlock feature, but to use this feature, you must first click on the power button on the side of the phone. This will turn on the screen of your phone, after which the screen has to be pulled from the bottom to the top, doing so will start the front camera. After doing this, the phone will scan your face with the help of the front camera. You will also find a theme store in the phone, some free themes and wallpapers have been given in it.

Oppo F9 Pro’s performance and battery life

The F9 Pro has a 6.3-inch display that comes with full HD + resolution. The screen’s colors are bright and vibrant, with a good viewing angle. We did not face any problem while using the phone outside (outdoor). Due to the notch design and folded border, it felt like it was cropping the video a little while watching the video in full screen. The built-in speaker is not particularly good, it is because the sound is cracked. We did not experience bliss every time we heard music.


Oppo F9 Pro scored 137,739 on Antutu, 1,348 in Geekbench single-core test and 5,305 in multi-core test. The graphics score was quite disappointing, because the handset had scored 1,078 in the 3DMark Slingshot Extreme Scene. To say the least, there was no problem while playing games with light graphics, but there was some problem while playing Asphalt 9: Legends with powerful graphics. The UI and menus looked quite slow while working. The experience was better after playing PUBG. This game went on uninterrupted and we had no problem. We notice that the upper rear part starts heating up after the powerful game loads. If you are fond of playing games with latest and powerful graphics, then this handset will not prove to be a great option for you.

Oppo F9 Camera

The camera app of Oppo is very much like the iOS app. In addition to the standard photos and videos in the main mode ribbon at the bottom, you will find time laps, slow-motion, portrait, stickers, pano and expert mode. Portrait mode repeatedly brought us away from our subject and sometimes it brought us closer. In the camera app, you will get to see lighting effects more than the highlighted flitter. In standard photo mode, there will be options for beautification, filters and aspect ratios with Google lens integration. A depth effect can be created from the front camera, but the picture will not look real or say natural. Beautification mode will already be set on AI. Pictures taken at home were not impressive. In the light of day, we found that the camera app focuses sharply on any object or person.


All the things were clearly visible in the pictures we took and the amount of color in them was correct. The camera app takes a few seconds to understand the difference between the foreground and background in portrait mode. But we saw the effect on the screen, after which we decided that at which time we had to click the picture. Focus does not work properly at night compared to daylight. If you take a picture of a person walking, then the picture looks quite blur or say blurry. Light is sufficient in most of the pictures we take. If you look at the pictures in the phone then it is fine, but when viewed in full size the picture does not look right.

Oppo is known for its selfie camera, but in this case we did not find Oppo F9 Pro’s front camera as impressive. When taking a picture from the front camera, the face sharp and things in the background are not captured properly. Edge detection works correctly. Looked like Dana-Dane (Granny) in a selfie taken at night. When recording video from the rear camera, you will get two options 720p and 1080p. We saw Fox many times being auto-focused on its own. The camera of Oppo F9 Pro has disappointed us.

Our decision

Oppo F9 Pro reminded us of the year 2000 when Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and other companies used to take their handsets to market with imaginative designs. Nowadays there are few companies who take the risk of changes in color, pattern, shape and material of the phone. If this phone of red and purple color meets your expectations then of course you can buy it. The battery life of Oppo F9 Pro is good and overall our experience was fine. The camera of the phone is average. But this handset may not prove to be a great option. We only liked the metal body, weatherproofing and video stabilization at this price. Our biggest question is whether customers prefer to buy handsets, prioritizing design over performance. The price of Oppo F9 in India is Rs 4,000 less than the F9 Pro. This handset can prove to be a handset worth the money, because users are satisfied with 4 GB RAM instead of 6 GB.

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