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What is UI?

Interactions between people and machines take place on a user interface. It enables consumers to utilise a device efficiently to carry out a job or realise a given objective, such as making a purchase or installing an app.

The hardware that controls a machine from the human end, such as a keyboard, mouse, or joystick, makes up input hardware, while output hardware makes up user interfaces. Input and output devices collaborate to give the users complete control over the system.

What is User Experience?

UX is the experience a person receives while using a product known as the user experience. Don Norman first used the phrase in the 1990s while he worked with Apple. “User experience” is defined by Don Norman as “all facets of the end-users engagement with the firm, its services, and its goods.”

The idea of user-centered design plays an important role in the UX design process since UX designers are concerned with creating products that are simple to use and comprehend.