What is Web application?

A Web application (Web app) is software delivered over the Internet via a browser interface and kept on a distant server. By definition, web services are web applications, and most websites—though not all—contain web applications. Jarel Remick, editor of Web.AppStorm, claims that a Web app is any component of a website that provides a service to the user.

Web apps may be created for a wide range of purposes and are accessible to everyone, from businesses to individuals, for several functions. Webmail, online calculators, and online stores are a few examples of frequently used Web apps. While some Web applications are exclusively accessible through a particular browser, some are accessible through all browsers.

How Web applications work

As web apps can be accessed over a network, downloading them is not a solution. With the help of web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, users can access Web applications.

A web app requires a database, an application server, and a web server to function. While the application server completes the requested task, web servers handle client requests. Any necessary data can be kept in a database.